Week 1

Today marks exactly one week since Dayton has been with me in Colorado.

And what a week it has been. Pretty quickly we realized that this picture perfect place I had found and thought would be our fairytale palace, wasn’t working out.

Dayton was not happy with going from a big herd to a very small herd (literally). He was distressed and not settling in like we hoped he would.

 So, the decision was made to move him to a boarding facility that my friend (pictured) has been at with her horse for a while now and is happy there.

Dayton was visibly much more relaxed and happier almost immediately and has stayed that way. He has his own paddock for now and is happy to share fence lines with other horses and is making friends with everyone he meets. He is quite the charmer (;

It is unfortunate that we had to deal with this so quickly, and that the fairytale story didn’t quite go as planned but, we continue to keep our fairytale alive in our hearts and that’s what matters.

We have each other, he’s happy, so I am happy, and a new chapter begins.