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Progress Progress Progress

Hello hello! I know it has been a while since you’ve heard from us. These last couple months have been pretty consistent and without many exciting updates. I can only write so many “I love Dayton so much” blah blah posts before y’all get sick of it! There have been […]

Feeling Things

Alrighty folks, this is gonna be an emotional one (in a good way, don’t panic!) At least for me it is, and you all know I am not too good with the touchy feely stuff but here goes. I am going to try and express how much I freaking love […]

Happy Holidays!

​October through January is my favorite time of the year. And the main reason for that is the holidays! And the colder weather. But with the holidays comes stress. Stress about family, stress about food, stress about leaving. And so my last day in Colorado before flying home, I spent […]

Something to be Thankful For

This month has been a month of appreciation for this horse. School has been stressful, life has been busy and I have been struggling. But just going out to the barn to see him brightens my day. He makes everything disappear for a while. The ability to go see him […]

“A horse allowed me to find my way back to myself again.” – Tara Coyote

A guest blog post by: Tarah French This is how I found my way back to me…and how one very malnourished and disregarded horse helped me get there. I believe that nearly everyone loses themselves in a new relationship. Not on purpose or for lack of trying to maintain who […]

Cupcake the Rogue Goat

If you’ve been to AAE, it’s possible you’ve run into Cupcake, the little gal who pretty much walks around like she owns the place. This petite, pure white, darling could have taught the inmates at Alcatraz what a successful escape looks like. Cupcake has been a long time resident of […]

Oh Happy Day-ton!

Well it has been a hot minute since I have been able to write, because of that thing called school that gets in the way, but here we go! Dayton and I have had some fun times these last two-ish weeks! This has been the beginning of fall, aka my […]

Liv & Dayton – First Days of Fall in Colorado

 Another fun week and some here in Colorado. Dayton has met my roommate Olivia (yes we have the same name, it’s great fun confusing people hah!). She got on him and we walked around the round pen. He was super. No qualms about it whatsoever. She told me, just as […]

Liv & Dayton – The Adventure Continues

This horse. I swear he knows exactly what I want from him each week and he just hands it over. Another great week for us, he had his first farrier appointment with our newfound farrier, whom we got really lucky with and really like (thanks Lucia)! I had wanted to find […]