Alrighty folks, this is gonna be an emotional one (in a good way, don’t panic!) At least for me it is, and you all know I am not too good with the touchy feely stuff but here goes. I am going to try and express how much I freaking love this horse. I know I’ve said that more than a million times, but I have had some days with him recently where I have just become overwhelmed with the magnitude of how much he means to me and how grateful I am to have him with me and that he is mine for the rest of his life. I have said before how some days I go out to the barn and we don’t do much besides hang out, maybe go in the round pen and run around, maybe work on some tricks and fun stuff. Well I have had a couple days recently where I go out and all I want to do is just be with him. And he gets it. He knows exactly what I need from him every day.









So I go out to his paddock and I just sit there by the gate and he comes over and he just stands with me. He will stand there with his head in my hair, in my lap, or looking over me. His buddies sometimes come over to see what on earth we are doing and bless him, he still gets jealous if I show any other horse more attention than him. So he will politely shove his head back into my space or give the other horse a friendly “get away from my human” bite. Cracks me up. He knows I’ll never love another horse like I love him.

 And it’s in these moments, where we are just being, that I lose myself in him and find myself overcome with love, joy, and relief. The love I have for this horse and the bond we share is truly special, the joy I feel at having him by my side and with me, and the relief that he is mine and always will be because I will never allow us to be separated again. I have worked so hard to get us here and I will continue to work hard to provide him with a life he deserves.

So there is my sappy post haha. I just felt the need to express an inkling of what I have been feeling and I was due for another update so there! I’ll throw in a quick riding update for you too… Dayton has been doing awesome under saddle. Most recently I got on him and he responded so perfectly to my leg and was eager to please as always. He is getting less frustrated with trying to figure out what I want from him. He seemed to know he was a good boy too cause I got lots of cuddles and kisses from him afterwards! The cheeky cow lol.