Ever wonder what a typical day is like at AAE? Well, let us tell you, whatever day of the week it is…it’s mucking fabulous!

So much happens at All About Equine on a day to day basis and this blog one way to keep you, our supporters and volunteers, in the loop. We’re here to give you the daily scoop. So let’s get right to it!


Recently, we welcomed this little Filly to the barn. She’s estimated to be 6 to 8 months old, sweet as sugar, and ALL legs. Her road to AAE was a little tough. Sadly, she’d been abandoned, picked up by the County, and upon arrival, she was evaluated for a right hind lameness which led to a suspected right pelvic fracture. Off to Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center she went for further evaluation and some tender loving care. Gulp, radio-graphs of her hip area indeed revealed a fracture. Tough news to process, to say the least. We were faced with a big decision. Because she was managing quite well (all things considered), and because of her youth, we felt it was reasonable to give her some time to see if she could heal and have a good quality of life. She is bright-eyed, full of life, in amazingly great spirit, and she has a healthy appetite. Only time will tell, and we will re-evaluate her progress after 60 days. She stayed at LBEMC for overnight support for a week. On Tuesday, March 22nd she returned to AAE to begin her road to healing, and so far, so good. Please join us in sending this beauty your well wishes and prayers.

(If you’d like to help with this sweet girl’s rising veterinary costs, you may do so by visiting http://www.allaboutequine.org/donate.html)


In other news…some of our younger horses recently took a little road trip. Finn, Mazie and Crystal made their way south to Monty Roberts International Learning Center. While at MRILC, the horses will serve as project horses for students participating in educational courses.  Check it out:  http://www.join-up.org/courses.html.  The horses learn and gain valuable skills, and students gain valuable knowledge and experience while working with a rescue horse.  Thank you, Monty!

IMG_7942 IMG_7784 IMG_7945

Now that we’ve updated you on some recent activity around the barn, let’s play a little game. We’ll call it “Related or Not?”


Sierra and Dayton, Related or Not? 

These two are related! Sierra is the grand matriarch of the herd and Dayton is her boy. The two are permanent residents at All About Equine.


Joleen & Mazie, Related or Not?

These beautiful girls aren’t related but have become the best of friends. Where you’ll find one, you’ll certainly find the other. Both are currently available for adoption.


Finn & Kai, Related or Not? 

Finn was born at AAE shortly after his mom, Kai, arrived. Kai was part of a collaborative auction rescue effort in Fallon, NV that saved 30+ horses from purchase by a slaughter buyer. Kai is currently available for adoption and Finn may be going to his forever home soon.

To learn more about our horses, volunteer/sponsorship opportunities, and great upcoming events like those below, please visit our website at http://www.allaboutequine.org.

Until next time friends, we want to thank you for your continued support. Your generous donations make our work possible!


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