Hello hello! Dayton and I have some news to share with you all! Recently we have decided to move barns. There was a place that was closer to my apartment (only 5 min away!) and directly on my route to and from work, which would save me a lot of time and allows me to pop in whenever I want, which is a huge bonus for me.

I had some friends that boarded there and only ever had good things to say. So, we got on the waitlist and got in a couple weeks ago! It is absolutely gorgeous and we are loving it. Dayton settled in pretty quick and has a new best bud, Cirrus the grey mustang.

I have put our training rides on hold while we get comfortable, but I have hopped on him bareback and played around in the arena a few times. One thing I have noticed with him is that he loves to watch other people ride! If there are other people and horses in the arena with us he watches them vigilantly (almost to the point of distraction but we are working on that). It is so funny. He will stare at another horse doing something with his ears forward and just stop and watch. I’ll ask him, “Does that look like fun? Want to try doing something?” and he’ll be like “Mmmm nope i’m good to just stand here and watch thanks.” LOL! So, that is our current little goal, to ride without being so distracted that we don’t listen.

 It is a much busier barn than where we were before so there is always something going on and someone to pay attention to. Another fun thing at this place is the access to trails!

 We have access to trails behind the property and just down the road that leads to the river. I am really looking forward to getting him out there, one day! We have gone for a few short walks on the trails just behind the property. They border a school campus so it’s been fun watching the sports field and exposing him to all that. And all the kids and people love seeing a horse go for a walk hah! So, there is our little update on our most recent adventure. Stay tuned for what we will accomplish next!

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