If you’ve been to AAE, it’s possible you’ve run into Cupcake, the little gal who pretty much walks around like she owns the place. This petite, pure white, darling could have taught the inmates at Alcatraz what a successful escape looks like.

Cupcake has been a long time resident of All About Equine Animal Rescue. In fact, well before horses arrived. She was supposed to help with lawn maintenance but we soon found that goats aren’t the greatest grazers. Enter our resident sheep, throw in a few horses, and AAE was born.

Once upon a time, our volunteers did their best to keep this little darling in with our other “farm animals”. However, no matter how hard we tried, cupcake still found her way out.

Well, who are we to deny this old gal a little freedom?

Nowadays, you can find cupcake EVERYWHERE…ALL DAY LONG!

When the first car arrives in the morning, you can bet your bottom dollar that she’ll be in the barn within just a few minutes. No doubt in search of something to eat.

What’s her favorite treat you ask? Well, she’s kind of a love the treat you’re with kind of doe. Her binge eating includes alfalfa, 4-way, orchard grass, omolene, carrots, apples, and any variety of Elk Grove Milling pellets she can find. In fact, she’ll even go after hay that a horse has dibs on. No shame. 🙂

Mind you, we do try to give her goat feed too but of course that isn’t as enticing and often goes untouched.

Cupcake even enjoys a good game of hide and seek every now and then. Bet you can’t find her in the photo below!  😉

It’s easy to see why we love her, right? She is as near and dear to all of our hearts as the horses that we care for. Despite the fact that she will make a mess in our freshly swept barn, you just can’t be mad at that face with her mischievous, over the shoulder, glances.

Want to help us keep Cupcake’s belly full?

AAE’s very important work to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home horses relies on our horse-loving community. Your tax deductible donations, horse sponsorships, community grants, and volunteer efforts are greatly needed and appreciated. Click here to learn more about how you can help!



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