Well it has been a hot minute since I have been able to write, because of that thing called school that gets in the way, but here we go! Dayton and I have had some fun times these last two-ish weeks!

This has been the beginning of fall, aka my favorite time of the year, and so we have had some weather changes! Colorado has definitely cooled off some being in the low 60s to low 50s most days. But we actually got some snow earlier this week!

And because it was raining and snowing and below 20 degrees at night for two days, and he isn’t anywhere near close to having a winter coat, my poor California horse got to wear his blanket. He was super about it and seemed very appreciative. And also really cute! And then two days later we were back in the 50s so we save the blanket for another day…hopefully a day far away.

Some adventures we have had recently include, bareback rides in the new arena with our friend Gabby and her horse Casino, introducing Dayton to some cows that came over to say “hi!”, and of course our favorite activity, doing nothing but hang out (and on-top of) just enjoying each others company.

Unfortunately because of all the rain, the round pen has been pretty flooded, but we still work on our tricks and I get on him to work on cues. He is doing so well with cues! He responds to my voice commands such as “walk on” and figuring out what to do when I give him a light squeeze with my leg. We are able to walk around bareback, no problem now! I love how when I’m on him (and off) I can really see his gears turning trying to figure out what I am asking him to do.

He wants to please so badly and is such a smart boy! I am having so much fun learning with him and progressing our training and relationship together.

Stay tuned for more updates <3