Another fun week and some here in Colorado. Dayton has met my roommate Olivia (yes we have the same name, it’s great fun confusing people hah!). She got on him and we walked around the round pen. He was super. No qualms about it whatsoever. She told me, just as my mom has, that he is basically my giant puppy. Lol! I won’t deny that, he really is. I also tacked him up for the first time since he’s been out here and got on him to practice our walk on cues. He is such a quick learner and so responsive to my leg. We accomplished going forward in a full circle around the round pen after only about 20 min! Proud momma moment.
This week we also have had our first fall rain. So, I thought that was a great day to go out and reintroduce him to an umbrella. I did this when he was a baby and he was super about it back then so I expected nothing less from him now.
Well. He is such a drama queen! (like pet, like owner right?) I had brought the umbrella with my into the paddock to catch him and when the other horses caught sight of it they flipped and took off running and snorting. Dayton followed suit. I stood there like “really?” and waited for him to calm down and let me halter him, As soon as I took him out and into the round pen, I let him sniff it again and I opened it up and he could not have cared less! Looked up at it and continued to try and eat it as he does with everything. Ridiculous goofball.
So, I handed the umbrella over to Lucia and she tried it out with her horse Indie. Then we went for a walk down the road in the rain.
Overall, a fun, wet, rainy day for the first day of fall in Colorado. Looking forward to many more. And then snow! Should be fun. Stay with us for updates <3

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